Remote Patient Monitoring Devices

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Increase Your Patient Care Increase Your Revenue

Remote Patient Monitoring brings valuable care to patients and engages pharmacists as an integral part of the healthcare team.

With recent Medicare billing changes, there is now a way for pharmacists to generate significant revenue, and bring new patients in the door, by taking the lead on a remote patient monitoring program. Pharmacists serve as the initial point of contact and the remote care team takes care of the rest.

Blood pressure, blood glucose, weight, and oxygen saturation can all be tracked and sent to the care team, reporting directly to the patient’s physician. RxGenomix is bringing VeruStat's RPM program directly to independent pharmacies. The pharmacy pays nothing for the devices and all the vital statistics are monitored by a team of Verustat remote care coordinators.

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) Webinar Replay!

RPM Webinar Replay

Primary providers and pharmacists now have an opportunity to work together to provide remote patient monitoring (RPM), an invaluable tool for improving patient care. And it can all be done while adding to the bottom line for the primary provider and the pharmacy. Just a few easy steps are all it takes to get started. For more information on clinical services, your pharmacy can be providing read our blog How To Compete Against Amazon Pharmacy and Win, Part 2.

How will RPM Services through RxGenomix impact your pharmacy? 


Increased Profits

Pharmacies cannot bill Medicare directly for RPM services, but they can contract with physicians and auxiliary companies for flat-rate fees for the services they can perform. These flat-rate fees pay pharmacies per patient per month. By leveraging scalability available through RxGenomix, a single pharmacy can easily have hundreds of patients enrolled in RPM services.


Simple Workflow

Patients are directed to your pharmacy where the pharmacist or technician will get them set up on their device. All equipment is provided directly from RxGenomix at no cost to the pharmacy. You then have the opportunity to fill prescriptions for these patients or identify them for other services such as pharmacogenetic (PGx) testing.


Full Support

RxGenomix provides complete support at every step. You are able to focus solely on patient care. You can bring this program to local providers and RxGenomix will explain the program to them. There is no admin work for you either, they perform all the billing, and they will train the provider's staff and set up all the backend support.

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