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  • DiversifyRx gives you, the pharmacy owner, the critical information you need to maximize your revenue and optimize your profits
  • DiversifyRx is committed to sharing information in a no BS way so you can succeed and flourish
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We know every pharmacy owner's journey is unique. What you need to know this month is different than what you need to know next month. That is why all of our content is available 24/7 on our various channels. Whether you are just getting started in your own journey or you're a seasoned pro looking for the next big opportunity, DiversifyRx can help you stay on top of the crazy world we call pharmacy ownership.

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Do you have a revenue problem? If you are like most pharmacies the answer is yes and it's not what you think. It's not a size problem it a quality problem. Most pharmacies are too dependent on PBMs for their revenue (hint, they aren't doing you any favors). You need new revenue streams, especially outside of PBMs, for your pharmacy to succeed.

  • New revenue streams
  • Cash-based options
  • Turn-key clinical opportunities
  • More sources of revenue mean a stronger pharmacy
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There are so many things out of your control as a pharmacy owner. Rather than be frustrated over those, turn your attention to what you can control and improve. DIR fees? Yep, they suck AND you can manage them. PBMs reducing your profitability? It's always easier to improve profits through cost controls than revenue expansion.

  • Narrow your focus to what matters
  • Learn how to calculate benchmarks
  • Put ideas into action
  • Improve your metrics
  • Stay ahead of the curve


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